Pic of the Week

Common chameleon or Mediterranean chameleon (Chamaeleo chamaeleon).

The species is indigenous to Mediterranean countries, such as Cyprus as well as areas of the Iberian Peninsula, Crete, northern Africa and the Middle East.

Pic of the Week

IMG_0525 - Edited
On the highway to Limassol.

Nothing to see here – just a goat on the back of a pick-up on a major highway.

I am tempted to say “only in Cyprus” but this is the kind of thing you might see in parts of Miami too, so no judgement.

Pic of the Week


Picturesque side-street in Pano Lefkara.

Located in the Larnaca Distract, Lefkara is a town famous for its silverwork and lace (λευκαρίτικα). With a long history dating back to the Byzantine Empire, its winding lanes, full of beautiful architecture, make Pano Lefkara a popular day-trip destination for both tourists and Cypriots.


Pic of the week

Cyprus Cat

One of the feral Cyprus Cats that hang out in the neighbourhood.

The story goes that the Cyprus Cats’ descendants were originally brought over by St. Helen from Egypt to help get rid of snakes (à la St. Patrick). Though not a formal breed, the Cyprus Cat is now considered a unique landrace, or traditional domesticated variety.